Republican Primary Election March 17, 2020

A Natural fit

Career Prosecutor

Brian has thrived under the challenges that the next State's Attorney will face in Richland County.

Richland County

Brian began his career here and has maintained connections to Richland County as his career has progressed.

Respect and Accountability

Brian understands the importance of Respect and Accountability in Richland County.

A Natural Fit


Career Prosecutor

  • On December 1, 2020, the next Richland County State's Attorney will take office.  It is expected that on that same day, Cole Shaner, the current Assistant State's Attorney will be sworn in as the Crawford County State's Attorney.  The Richland County State's Attorney must be ready to get to work on that first day.  Felony filings in Richland County have dramatically increased the past three years.  The increase is due largely to methamphetamine related crimes.  Brian has been on the front lines of the methamphetamine epidemic and will work with law enforcement to reverse this trend.

  • Brian has tried more than 30 jury trials, as a prosecutor and as defense counsel.  He has faced virtually every challenge a prosecutor may face and has prosecuted nearly every type of case that can be prosecuted in Illinois  His experience has prepared him to immediately address the serious issues facing Richland County.  


Connections to Richland County

Brian is often asked why he is running in Richland County.  Richland County is where Brian began his career as a prosecutor, when he served as Assistant State's Attorney in 1988.  During his time residing in Richland County, he made life-long friends.  He left Richland County for active duty in the Marine Corps.  Upon leaving active duty, he moved to neighboring Edwards County, where he was elected State's Attorney. His wife, Sonja, resided in Richland County when they met and married.  Sonja has worked at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital for the past 22 years.  Brian's father, Burl, was the Pastor of the Olney Free Methodist Church for seven years.  Brian and Sonja are well aware of the needs and of the values of the people of Richland County.  As State's Attorney, Brian will meet those needs and support the values of Richland County.  Brian and Sonja will return to Richland County if elected.


Respect and Accountability

Stemming the rising tide of criminal cases will require innovation, but while innovating, the State's Attorney must remain focused on basic values.  The State's Attorney must maintain basic standards of respect and accountability.  These principles were instilled in Brian at an early age.  They were reinforced through his experiences in the Marine Corps.  These principles will ensure that these standards are maintained.